Pride Drag: The Nonbasic Guide

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Pride is not the time to be basic. You already jumped out of the closet so now jump out of your box. This is your chance to decorate your body in your version of courage, love, pride, creativity, unity, and freedom. We know it’s in there, queen! So here is your guide to turning yourself into the fierce unicorn faggachino you’ve always wanted to be.

Gypsy Shrine

Every single thing they make is fabulous! Do you want some #glittertits? Got ‘em. Over the top bindi’s? Got ‘em. They can even send you a choreographed glitter scheme for you to cover any part of your body in. The super cool thing is they also make ways to apply and adhere this craziness. For the coolest effect, just find the colors you love the most and go crazy. The glitter comes in all different shapes and sizes, as do the body jewels. The price is reasonable and you get a ton of product, but note it does ship from the UK so get on it now. Steal that scene on the Pride float, Mary.

MUFE Flash 12 Color Flash Palette

His Grindr profile would say versatile, open-minded, and faithful. This is for the Fire Island Invasion, White Party in Miami, the every-year-I-do-drag Halloween gay. If you like any kind of theme, this is your ticket. The 12 colors can be worn alone or mixed to give you endless possibilities. It works great with fingers or brushes depending on your artistic commitment. Just remember that cream makeup needs to be set with a translucent powder to make it last. You can also mix it with MUFE Aqua Seal to make it waterproof. This could be great for your mermaid routines in that Palm Springs Airbnb pool!

Splat Hair Chalk

Want some non-committal fairy prince hair? Who doesn’t? This easy to use hair chalk can rainbow out your locks in no time. If you apply it on slightly damp hair, the look will be more vibrant. Normal hair chalk can be messy, but this formula has a great lasting power and breaks down with shampoo. You can just apply with your fingers and then wash it out your hands.

Momentary Ink Temporary Tattoos

Saving your money for new jock straps? Needles not your thing? Well, these are not your normal run-of-the-mill temporary tattoos. You can customize anything you want, which is a great idea if you’ve been contemplating a design but aren’t ready to commit. Each order comes with your design and a product called Real Teal that helps the design last longer and takes away the shine. They charge you per inch and always offer free shipping. This is a perfect pride week accessory and will usually fade 2-5 days after applying.

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