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Pride Month is Around the Corner and Everyone Has Feelings About it

June is right around the corner. That means Pride Month is too.

Pride Month pays respect to the Stonewall Riots and honors the impact that queer and trans folks have had on society. While we are still able to celebrate all month, we also recognize that Pride Month has taken on various meanings to different folks across the world. 

For some, it’s about celebrating being out, loud, and proud. For others, it’s about acknowledging the history that queer and trans folks have created and cherishing the legacy of those no longer with us. For businesses, it’s a fine time to update those logo colors to rainbow. 

But there are plenty of feelings around Pride Month and many expressing their Pride in different ways

Also, some may not be aware of Pride Month. Healthy reminders are always welcome


It’s a great time to celebrate with community or go solo

Maybe there are some LGBTQ+ announcements you’d like to make…

Pride Month also serves as a reminder that you’re stronger than you’ve ever been

And while we have to find joy where we can, Pride Month is also a reminder that we still have plenty to fight against for future generations

Not to mention, with Pride Month coming up, you may want to find somewhere to celebrate. Don’t forget to check out Gay Cities Pride Finder to do just that. Oh and take a few photos while you’re at it.

Remember, how you acknowledge the month, just make sure to do it with pride.

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