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Project 2025 just struck a major, terrifying blow against trans people

A United States Senate bill, which is normally reserved for granting funding to different parts of the military, just had some key tenets of Project 2025 snuck in, reports independent journalist Erin Reed.

These “riders” were pushed through by independent Joe Manchin, along with the support of many other Democrats during the committee meeting.

These two amendments are sweeping – one bans any public funding to be provided towards trans people seeking gender affirming surgeries through the Department of Defense, effectively prohibiting anyone on a related insurance plan from using it to afford their surgeries. 

The second one would ban the military insurance plan, TriCare, from covering gender affirming care for minors. This would forcibly detransition hundreds of trans kids who are on their parent’s military plan.

This was passed out of a committee of Democrats, leaving it up to the full Senate to take down the riders before the full House becomes projected to vote positively on it.

This is a key part of Project 2025, the ultraconservative plan by the Heritage Foundation, to demolish anything left leaning within the government and instate far-right policies that would restrict the lives of millions of Americans. 

“We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be,” said Kevin Roberts, the Heritage Foundation president to the New York Times.

Project 2025 contains specific provisions to target LGBTQ+ individuals in the military, taking away funding for any gender affirming care and forcibly expelling anyone who’s trans from the service.

President of the Human Rights Campaign, Kelley Robinson, said in a statement to Reed, “Everyone deserves medically necessary, best practice healthcare without politicians standing in the way. That includes those who serve their country bravely and their families.”

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