Pumpkin-Spiced MAGA Hats Are Where Autumn and Fashion Go to Die

· Updated on May 28, 2018

There’s now a way to tell people that you love different color leaves but not different color people.

That’s because, I’m horrified to report, Donald Trump’s website is now selling pumpkin MAGA hats and I suddenly ache for the sweet relief of death.

To add fashion insult to injury, the hats are already sold out what a bummer! If they do go for sale again, these “proudly made in USA” hats are only $45. Unfortunately, to ensure delivery before Halloween, the deadline passed on October 23.

Somehow, the president is slower than Amazon Prime.

Comedian Samantha Bee already pointed out the irony of Trump, famous for his off-kilter complexion, making a hat featuring an orange ghoul.

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