Randy Rainbow Channels Dolly Parton to Sing About Trump’s Sexual Assault Record

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Tis the season for romancing that special someone. Buy some chocolates and champagne, light some candles, and put on some sexy tunes. But whatever you do, please keep it consensual. I’m looking at you, Donald Trump and friends.

For years, Trump has been the subject of sexual assault allegations, which have come to light since his campaign. In addition to being an all-around Bond villain of women’s rights (and any other minority group’s rights for that matter), he’s continuously gone out of his way to show support for fellow men accused of sexual misconduct. Most recently, he’s expressed support for former staff secretary Rob Porter, who recently resigned after two of his former spouses came forward with accounts of physical and verbal abuse.

Luckily, our good old pal, Randy Rainbow has provided us with another pop musical parody of the situation. Serving his best Dolly Parton, he performs his own version of “Stand by Your Man” in a new video. And good points aside, he does Parton justice with his old school country vocals.

In “Stand by Your Man,” he argues (through song) that Trump refuses to denounce any man accused of abuse, because he knows his time is coming to face up to his own allegations. From Roy Moore to Bill O’Reilly, Trump’s biggest supporters have also proven to be the country’s biggest predators. Meanwhile, Trump has yet to speak out against their actions.

So, take a break from the shit storm that is rape culture in Donald Trump’s America, and watch Randy Rainbow tear him a new one via Dolly Parton’s “Stand by Your Man” below:

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