Ranking Every Single Released By ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10 Queens

Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has finally ended and a winner has been chosen, but it’s still not the Age of Aquaria just yet. Although the young NYC queen snatched the crown on screen, her fellow competitors continue to vie for success beyond Drag Race, most notably in the world of music.

So far, eight of the fourteen queens who competed in Season 10 have already released singles of their own, so start your engines and join us as we find out which songs slay and which ones fall to the stage like a crumpled butterfly. From sponges and ankhs to cookies and the big girls who eat them, here are the nine singles released by Season 10 contestants that could still make winners of them yet.


9. Yuhua Hamasaki feat. DJ Mitch Ferrino – “The Ankh Song” 

Best Lyric: “Do you have an ankh now? Ankh-solutely!”

Gimmicks are par for the course in singles released by Drag Race stars, capitalizing on standout moments from the show, but Yuhua Hamasaki didn’t have many to speak of in the first place. Because of this, she instead spun something out of the “ankh” look that Michelle Visage critiqued while snatching references from both nursery rhymes and other queens along the way. Old McDonald is shook right now.


8. Asia O’Hara – “Queen For Tonight”

Best Lyric: “Ultraviolet caviar/ Intergalactic traveler/ Your queen for tonight”

Once again, Asia O’Hara deserves points for originality, but just like her butterfly reveal in the Season 10 finale, this single is DOA. The lyrics themselves are rather inspiring, drawing upon the kind of impassioned sentiment that came to define her personality in later weeks. It’s just a shame that the song itself lacks focus, playing out over an ambiguous tribal beat that still washes over you after a few listens. Hopefully, Asia will return soon with a more soulful track to ensure she remains a beloved queen for far longer than just one night.


7. Dusty Ray Bottoms – “Neva Lavd Yah!”

Best Lyric: “I cross my fingers, and blow a big kiss/ Then I forget you, ’cause I don’t need this”

With her debut single, “Neva Lavd Yah!”, Dusty Ray Bottoms veers away from her musical theater background and dives headfirst into this ode to the pop-punk wave of yesteryear. The song itself is fun enough and wouldn’t feel out of place on a classic album from Blink 182 or Simple Plan, but we expected something more dotty and left-field from the quirky queen.


6. Blair St. Clair – “Call My Life”

Best Lyric: “In a world where it’s only me, disconnected/ Take a screenshot with my mind inside/ I’ve been craving something real”

Blair St. Clair won over fans with her sweet southern charm during her time on the show and continues to do so now with the title track from her debut album, “Call My Life,” which explores the perils of fame. Unlike most of the singles ranked on this list, “Call My Life” avoids quick-fire raps in favor of powerhouse vocals that help Blair open up even more about some of the turmoil she previously discussed on air. When watching the video, also keep an eye out for cameos from Drag Race alum Eureka, Mayhem Miller, Manila Luzon, Pandora Boxx and JuJuBee, because drag is a family and families support each other.


5. Monét X Change feat. Bob The Drag Queen – “Soak It Up” 

Best Lyric: “Listen, when the girls come at you, honey/ You gotta be a sponge, you…/ Soak it up, turn it out, rinse it out, sweep the floor”

Defying the Drag Race judges with a fierce pussycat wig, Monét X Change serves house realness in her debut single, soaking up the applause and a whole lot more with a song that brings back her signature sponge look from the show. Spongebob The Drag Queen drops by for a guest verse too, guiding Monét away from her opera training into a pop disco frenzy that fully suits her savvy personality.


4. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo – “I’m Vanjie”

Best Lyric: “These cookies, bitch/ Get these cookies, bitch/ Want these cookies, bitch?”

As if we needed reminding, the fan favorite queen Vanessa Vanjie Mateo has released a single called “I’m Vanjie,” which is surprisingly strong for someone who left the competition in the first round. This isn’t the first time that Vanjie has defied expectation, though. While the song hardly breaks new ground musically, it’s a catchy house track that brings exactly the kind of camp that fans would expect from the house of Mateo, ensuring that gays across the land will continue screaming the name “Vanjie” for years to come.


3. Aquaria – “Burn Rubber”

Best Lyric: “Rolling through the metal party/ Got a Lamborghini body/ Uh, lace and latex on Ferrari”

Newly crowned winner Aquaria looks to the past for her debut single, “Burn Rubber,” channeling the intense, macabre energy of her drag mother, Sharon Needles. In case you’re wondering, the dance anthem was co-written by Jesse Saint John, who previously penned songs for Britney Spears, Camila Cabello, and Charli XCX, so the queer credentials remain intact. As long as the young drag star continues releasing songs in this lane, there’s no telling when the Age of Aquaria will end.


2. Eureka O’Hara – “The Big Girl”

Best Lyric: “Thick thighs make your dick rise/ Big gut make you nut (Oh, hey!)”

Fans disappointed that “The Big Girl’ didn’t win Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race can find solace in the fact that she continues to champion body positivity in her career beyond the show. In fact, Eureka O’Hara devours the competition with her new anthem, reminding listeners that large girls can have a fierce sexual appetite. The self-proclaimed “elephant queen” slays with her signature high kicks in the video as well, backed up by a team of dancers who “proportionize” along with Eureka throughout. Although Bob The Drag Queen doesn’t appear in the flesh, some of his signature sass can clearly be heard in the lyrics that he co-wrote with Eureka, making this one of the funniest and most memorable Drag Race singles heard in some time.


1. Blair St. Clair – “Now or Never”

Best Lyric: “I’ve come undone but now/ I’ve pulled myself together/ And I’m breaking free to fly”

Despite leaving the competition early on, Blair St. Clair was quick to put her theater trained vocals to good use, releasing the club-ready hit “Now or Never” to great success on the dance charts. More importantly, though, the lead single from Blair’s debut album also contains a surprising amount of depth, balancing the kitsch glam of a ‘60s housewife fantasy with heartfelt lyrics that are genuinely empowering to hear, much like sad pop classics from the likes of Robyn and Lykke Li. Just like her character in the video, Blair’s voice soars throughout with a real sincerity that demands repeat listens. Forget Glamazonian Airways. It won’t be long now until queens worldwide exclusively ride with Blair St. Air instead.

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