Reba Dons Drag to Become KFC’s First Female Colonel Sanders

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Is there anything Reba McEntire can’t do? She’s given us some of country’s greatest hits, from “Fancy” to “You Lie.” She’s made it to Broadway in a revival of Annie Get Your Gun. She’s even made it to the screen with her own self-titled show on the WB and roles in films like Tremors and The Little Rascals.

But her latest career move is quite possibly her most brilliant. The country music queen has dipped her toes in the drag waters for a fierce new look. This is not to be confused with that time that Kenan Thompson did Reba drag on Saturday Night Live, however brilliant that might have been.

No, Reba joins the understated drag king community for her latest role. She dons a white wig and beard to become KFC’s first female Colonel Sanders. Although their big ideas usually consist of things like gravy cocktails and sandwiches in which the bread is chicken, this is a million-dollar concept we can get behind.

Their latest promo features a conspicuous new Colonel Sanders performing a foot-tapping tune at a very glittery honky tonk. Reba also makes an appearance out of drag as one of many excited country-going KFC lovers getting their boot-scootin’ boogie on. But the new colonel insists he’s not who we think.

“Please ignore any likeness to famous country singers. I’m definitely not a woman.”

It may be a man’s world. But a man’s world is no match for Reba.

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