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Red Alert: The Main Character in ‘The Snowman’ Is Named Harry Hole!

I have not seen the new movie The Snowman. I do not know what it is about. Apparently Michael Fassbender is in it. Does he play a snowman? Does he eat Campbell’s Soup?

IT DOESN’T MATTER. You know why!?! Because the gods of double entendre, euphemism and queer humor have smiled upon us. Fassbender plays a character named Detective Harry Hole. Here’s the truth from IMDB.

I offer you, reader, two theories.

One: some Craft-level sorcery occurred and no queer people worked on this film and no one caught that there’s an actual reference to a hirsute anus in the main character’s name.

Two: a family member was on the team and let Detective Furry Bussy go on as an inside gag.

Either way, here we are. We’ve made it, y’all. Finally, we’re being represented.