Roseanne Goes on Pro-Trump, Anti-Lib Tweet Rant

· Updated on May 28, 2018

“What doesn’t kill us is making us stronger” should be the motto of our generation. That was the first line in the Roseanne theme song, way back when. It was a classic underdog story of an outspoken working-class mom played by Roseanne Barr, back when TV was full of rich kids in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Nanny.

Kids of the ‘90s rejoiced over the recent news of a Roseanne reboot. With most of the cast returning (including John Goodman’s Dan, even though he died in the original series), it should be cause for celebration. They even released some teasers that had us on the edges of our seats.

But many of Roseanne’s original fans have been hesitant to get onboard with this reboot. Given that she’s always been an apparent outspoken liberal, even including multiple LGBT characters in the original series, it’s a tough blow for the young liberals of today who watched her show as children to see that she’s currently supporting Donald Trump.

We’d think a national symbol for working-class moms would have the good sense to support a politician who supports working-class moms.

Although many could have lived in blissful oblivion of the TV icon’s current political leanings and enjoyed the upcoming TV reboot, she recently took it upon herself to make her opinions very clear in a Twitter rant.

Perhaps she’s a bit removed from reality since she’s not actually a working-class woman (just as Lena Dunham was never been a struggling 20-something), but she makes the absurd argument that when the show originally aired, it was boycotted by women on the right because it featured an opinionated working-class mom, and now it’s those same women on the left boycotting for that reason.

We’re not sure who’s been feeding her this info about her demographic, but it’s precisely the left-wing liberals who grew up watching her and would now throw all our support behind a ‘90s TV comeback with this exact subject matter.

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to cancel her before she even makes a comeback. Sorry Rosie, but you’ve become the very bigot you encouraged us to stand up to.

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