Ruby Rose Quits Twitter Following Backlash from ‘Batwoman’ Casting

Last week, The CW announced that Ruby Rose would play the titular role in their Batwoman series, which is currently in development. Shortly after, the Australian actress was slammed with so much backlash on social media that she chose to quit Twitter.

A swarm of severely misinformed DC fans complained that Rose wasn’t right for the character because she wasn’t a lesbian. Kate Kane, AKA Batwoman, is canonically gay in the comic books, and according to a source, the Arrowverse said they wanted to cast an out lesbian in the role—which is amazing. Luckily, Ruby Rose fits that description.

The 32-year old, who rose to international fame after her super gay role in Orange is the New Black, took to Twitter to address the outrage mob, calling the situation the “most ridiculous thing.” She assured fans, “I came out at 12? And have for the past 5 years had to deal with ‘she’s too gay’.”

“When women and when minorities join forces we are unstoppable,” she added. “When we tear each other down, it’s much more hurtful than from any group. But hey, love a challenge.” She ended her statement with the perfect quip: “I am looking forward to getting more than 4 hours of sleep and to break from Twitter to focus all my energy on my next 2 projects. If you need me, I’ll be on my Bat Phone.” Soon after, the Pitch Perfect actress deleted her Twitter account and disabled public comments on her Instagram.

Personally, I thought Rose’s casting was a brilliant choice—she’s arguably the most famous or public-facing MoC lesbian actress, and who better to bring Batwoman to life than a person who embodies the type of queer woman we rarely get to see on TV—especially in a leading role? Saying Ruby Rose isn’t gay enough for this role is like saying, “I liked Brokeback Mountain, I just wish it was gay.” Newsflash: it’s fuckin’ gay!

Regardless, some fans took to Twitter to air their grievances.

Some pointed out the hypocrisy and ignorance of the backlash.

Others slammed the outrage mob for attacking Rose.

Ruby’s character will make her debut in December as a part of The CW’s annual DC crossover event, which includes The Flash, the super gay Supergirl, and Arrow.

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