‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Power Ranking: Eureka, She’s Got It!

Drag Race has a tendency to put its contestants through some pretty strange challenges. And no, we’re not talking about mini-challenges that force them to sit on a pork chop with their thighs out. Some challenges, like making a sci-fi comedy called “Boobarella,” don’t seem like a good test of a queen’s skills.

But this week’s challenge gave a much more prescient gauge of a queen’s true talents. Asking the queens to put on DragCon panels was the perfect way to test queens on their drag knowledge and see whether they could win over a crowd. Unfortunately, we lost Blair St. Clair, but the race is tighter than ever. For those who missed it, last week, I broke down the points system behind INTO’s weekly ranking. Now, let’s see where the queens stand after the panel challenge.

Eureka (Last week: 1)

Last week, Eureka took a huge leap from the 9th position on the list to its top spot. This week, she became the first queen to win two challenges and retained her real estate at the list’s peak. Expect to see her stick around up top unless she finds herself in the bottom two again.

2. Aquaria (Last week: 2)

After her performance in the Last Ball on Earth, Aquaria has been solidly middle of the packjust like her pre-ball placement! Aquaria has shown herself to have a better comedy chops than people would assume, but can she succeed in the Snatch Game? If not, she might take a tumble down the list next week.

3. Kameron Michaels (Last week: 7)

Seeing Kameron so high on this list is probably a shock to us both, but her performance the last three weeks has been on an upward trajectory. Prior to the show, it was easy to label her as a muscle queen, but she’s proved she can get laughs when necessary and turn a look with the best of them. But it’s time to win a challenge or something, Kameron!

4. Miz Cracker (Last week: 4)

Cracker’s group fared poorly in last week’s challenge, giving Cracker her first trip to the bottom three since the competition started weeks ago. But Cracker still has a solid track record and most fans are on pins and needles to see whether she triumphs in this week’s Snatch Game.

5. Monique Heart (Last week: 6)

After being safe this week, Monique is still pretty much in the same spot from the week before. But let’s be honest, America: Monique is getting robbed! She oozed charm during the DragCon panel and I am waiting for someone to make her playing card look a Halloween costume. All hail the heart of Season 10!

6. Asia O’Hara (Last week: 3)

Asia may not have been in the top three due to Ru keeping the teams together in the tops-safe-bottoms breakdown, but if Ru had judged individually, it’s no secret that Asia O’Hara would’ve been in the top three (probably bumping Kameron down). She’s still an uber talented queen, but with her digital app win so far in the rearview mirror, she needs a fresh win to keep her name in people’s mouths.

7. The Vixen (Last week: 8)

We were sad to see The Vixen in the bottom two this week, but wow is lip syncing her strong suit. Never count out a queen who can turn a room like The Vixen. Entertainment is clearly in her blood and she was already at the top of the list two weeks in a row. Can she make it back?

8. Monet X Change (Last week: 9)

Monet may have gone from the bottom to the top this week, but her track record is still too poor to lift her off the bottom of the list. Monet knows how to make people laugh, so let’s see if the Snatch Game can get her the win she’s yet to secure.

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