‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Power Ranking: Melania Trumps Honey Boo Boo

The Drag Race Season 10 contestant has now officially been halved. What once was a (very strong) crop of 14 queens is now a (very strong) collection of seven queens, most of whom have a pretty solid shot at a spot in the top 4.

(Spoiler alert: RuPaul’s Drag Race spoilers ahead for the “Snatch Game” episode.)

Last week’s episode saw the queens compete in a mostly lackluster “Snatch Game” that brought more bad performances than laughs. Unfortunately, Monique Heart sashayed away after she didn’t know the words to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Cut to the Feeling.”

Here’s how the queens stand on Drag Race after their celebrity impressions.

1. Eureka (Last week: 1)

Though she didn’t walk away with a win this episode, Eureka’s Honey Boo Boo left a big impression on the judges. In the last three episodes, Eureka has garnered two wins and a top three placement for herself, easily nabbing her the peak of this week’s ranking. A lot of fans online seem to think Eureka is getting a winner’s edit. She got more time in the Reading Challenge than almost any other competitor and her two season-long narrative arc seems a compelling one to the Drag Race editors.

2. Aquaria (Last week: 2)

With Aquaria’s Snatch Game win, she’s now trumped the other two contestants in the show’s two most iconic challenges: the ball and the Snatch Game. She’s also the only queen in Drag Race history to win both.

Her wins in these challenges specifically lend very well to what I’ve said before is the theme of the season: drag vs. Drag Race. Aquaria definitely lacks a lot of the experience that contestants like Miz Cracker and Asia O’Hara bring to the table. But what she might lack in drag years she more than makes up for in Drag Race knowledge. Aquaria is not here to lose. She’s a fan of the show who, like Alaska Thunderfuck, has been able to translate her knowledge of the show to challenge wins.

3. Kameron Michaels (Last week: 3)

Here’s the thing about Kameron Michaels: you have to allow her to surprise you. And now that I’ve allowed that, I’ve seen her inherent charms. She hasn’t landed in the bottom two yet in the competition, and has turned some pretty great looks.

This week, her Chyna impression impressed not for its audacity, but because of how smart it was. While Miz Cracker took a big swing and missed, Kameron bunted and made it to first safely. (Why did I just try a sports metaphor?) This is now Kameron’s second week in the top three and while she’s doing well, it’d be nice to see her step her game up and win a challenge.

4. Miz Cracker (Last week: 4)

Spoiler alert: Last week’s top four and this week’s top four are exactly the same! And while that’s good for people like Eureka, Aquaria, and Kameron, it’s a little troubling for Cracker, who seems to be floating when she needs to be getting more aggressive. She’s yet to win a challenge, which is particularly troubling for someone who seemed to prime to snatch the Snatch Game from all the other girls.

As Cracker’s “Review With a Jew” videos get increasingly spoiler-y, there’s an increasing feeling in the fandom that Cracker doesn’t get as far in the competition as many would hope. She’s solidly middle of the pack right nowwill she end up going up or down?

5. Asia O’Hara (Last week: 6)

First things first: Asia O’Hara’s fish mask is i-con-ic. Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk about the way that Asia’s problem mirrors Miz Cracker’s. While Asia has seen a challenge win, it’s been a while and both seem to be floating around looking for a way to rise to the top.

But, Asia is a looks queen and she continues to serve. Even though she was outside the top three last week, RuPaul gave her a special shout out because of her dandelion outfit and even though she gave one of the worst Snatch Game performances of all time, she was safe because of a truly sickening runway. If someone can save themselves from that Beyonce impression based on their look, then it’s never safe to count them out.

6. Monet X Change (Last week: 8)

Monet X Change has finally bounced back from her two weeks in the bottom two and given us two weeks of great challenge performances and polished looks. Unfortunately, against some of the other queens reputations, when you crunch the numbers, she’s still far down the list of seven remaining queens.

But, Monet is on an upward curve, and we can’t wait to see what she does next. We’re sure that, after two weeks in the top three, Monet can smell a victory. Let’s see if she can actualize it.

7. The Vixen (Last week: 7)

The Vixen is seventh for the second week in a row on INTO’s ranking. However, this week that means that she’s last on the list. The Vixen has proven to be one of the most revolutionary queens to walk into the workroom. She speaks her mind but also speaks so well about trauma and the reality of being a gay black drag queen in America. She’s an amazing queen.

But, as I mentioned in Aquaria’s section, there is a difference between drag and Drag Race and The Vixen seems to be great at one but maybe not so great at the other. The Vixen herself spoke about this in Untucked when she said that four people voting for her to go home was a comment on her craft, when actually it was a comment on how she was doing in this specific competition. At this point, the Vixen’s last three weeks have been in the bottom three or lip syncing for her life. And, after her arguments in Untucked, she seems to have alienated a lot of people in the cast. This next week is pivotal for The Vixen. She needs to turn it out, or there’s a real possibility she might sashay away.

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