‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Power Ranking: Who’s on Top As We Go Into Week 4?

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Don’t get it twisted:RuPaul’s Drag RaceSeason 10 is shaping up to be one the reality competition’s all-time best outings. Most of the 11 remaining queens are highly talented and would easily place high on another of the show’s seasons.

But, shuffled all here together, that’s not the case.

Some place high, while others place low. As we ready for the fourth episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Thursday, let’s take a look at where these queens stand.

1. The Vixen (Last Week: 1)

With both a challenge win and a mini challenge win under her belt, The Vixen remains in the top spot this week after besting all the other queens in last week’s ranking. But, at this point, The Vixen has done so much more than best in challenges. She’s also done on television what few other queens have been able to do: jumpstart a conversation about race on Drag Race. With her confrontation of Aquaria on Untucked, The Vixen became more than the season’s firestarter, she became its thought leader.

2. Asia O’Hara (Last Week: 6)

It’s been a slow crawl up this ranking for Asia, who started out in ninth, then shot up to sixth and is now only one spot from the top. But, in the way that the Vixen dominated episode two, O’Hara did episode three. Her willingness to *go there* during the commercial shoot gave her a mini challenge win and a win in online meme-ability. Any queen able to do comedy well is also a thinking queen, and we know O’Hara has more up her sleeve.

3. Monet X Change (Last week: 3)

Monet does not yet have a challenge win to her name, but she has won a mini-challenge and placed high in week two’s PharmaRusical challenge. More than that, X Change has become the show’s Greek chorus. Every time something happens, Monet usually provides commentary and, as such, is seen by producers as a thinking queen who understands the show’s larger mechanics. We’re still waiting for a bigger moment from Monet, though, if she wants to retain top three status in the next week.

4. Miz Cracker (Last week: 4)

Cracker has been able to retain a high position in this ranking week after week for her top-notch wit, even without securing an actual win. Like Monet, she seems to have the coordinates and the fair seas ahead, yet still hasn’t sailed her ship to first place. But, as I’ve said before, no queen knows her brand like Cracker, and that will continue to take her far.

5. Mayhem Miller (Last week: 2)

Mayhem has taken a tumble in this week’s ranking, thanks to her place in this week’s bottom two. However, it’s not just that she had to lip sync for her lifeit’s that she’s actually the fastest queen to go from first week win to bottom two (she beats season two’s Morgan McMichaels by one week). Let’s see if this bottom two visit gives her the kick in the corset she needs to get her act together.

6. Blair St. Clair (Last week: 5)

Blair St. Clair may not have an official win under her belt, but the judges have yet to say a negative thing to the Indiana queen who dances like Pinocchio. She’s gotten praise almost every week for her looks and continues to do well in any challenge the judges throw at her.

7. Eureka (Last week: 12)

What a bounce back for Eureka, who occupied the list’s bottom spot last week after her trip to the bottom two. Though she didn’t snatch the win this last week, she was in the judge’s top three and back in their good graces. She was also hysterical during her End of Days commercial. Now that Eureka has shown up to the competition, expect her to slay.

8. Dusty Ray Bottoms (Last week: 7)

This is the part of the list that gets harder to differentiate. None of the queens below here have impressed the judges yet, so sussing out who stands where can be difficult. Dusty Ray has captured the judges’ attention and bounced back after a poor outing in the first episode. And yet, she hasn’t truly wowed.

9. Monique Heart (Last week: 11)

After starting off high with an amazing playing card look, Monique Heart landed in the bottom three due to a cookie monster outfit. She brought the unintended laughs this week as she directed herself through an entire commercial. We’re hoping the judges will fall for her as much as we have soon.

10. Aquaria (Last week: 8)

Though she’s been a centerpiece of the show’s drama, we’ve yet to hear a lot of critique from the judges on Aquaria, who has kinda floated around this season. Her looks are really cohesive and well put together, but there’s gotta be more there.

11. Kameron Michaels (Last week: 10)

There’s not much to say about the season’s resident muscle queen. She often seems like an afterthought, even in editing. (How many straight-to-camera commentaries has she had?) And though this week’s feathers look was actually fierce as fuck, her challenge performance was cold and unendearing.

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