‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10 Episode 1 Power Ranking: Where Do the Queens Stand?

· Updated on May 28, 2018

There’s no denying it: the level of talent on RuPaul’s Drag RaceSeason 10 is high! And while each of the contestants has an array of talents and ~lewks~ to share, it’s clear from the first episode that some girls are already shining brightly, while others are stuck in “safe.”

Here’s a ranking of where each Drag Racer stands as of the first episode.

1. Mayhem Miller

Winning the first challenge of the season is an easy ticket to the top of the list. Sure, being number one the first week isn’t a guarantee that you’ll make top three(just ask Nina Bo’Nina Brown), but for now, Miller is the one to watch.

2. Monet X Change

Monet’s soapy sponge look didn’t land her a spot in the top three queens of the week, but her mini-challenge win proved that she has the attitude to go all the way.

3. Miz Cracker

Miz Cracker got the best edit of the episode. Though the show tried to drag her into some drama with Aquaria, Cracker’s branding of herself (her drag brand is “stupid”!), her quick witand her place in this week’s top three give her a high place on this list.

4.Yuhua Hamasaki

Yuhua’s entrance in the workroom had charisma to spare, and her mini challenge was very hype. Though there was some confusion about her ankh look, and we weren’t thrilled by it, she still landed high on the judges’ lists.

5. Blair St. Clair

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We were not fans of Blair St. Clair’s entrance look or her runway visor-built look, frankly. But she got top three and the judges were explicit that they wanted to see more of this season’s resident Broadway queen.

6. Monique Heart

Aside from the queens in the top and the bottom, it’s hard to tell where the rest land. Monique’s annoyance that she didn’t land in the top three tips me off that she might be willing to bring it even harder in the next few weeks to secure a win. Monique doesn’t seem like one to rest on “safe.”

7. Aquaria

Aquaria is too much of a social media favorite/villain to not go far. I don’t know whether she’ll burn bright or go down in flames, but expect the show to give her a full story arc.

8. The Vixen

The Vixen seems to have the drive and attitude to go far, but at almost every step of the way she lacked a little execution. Her mini challenge/entrance look needed a hot glue gun and her pool noodle look was giving early Nicki Minaj, but not elevated.

9. Asia O’Hara

Asia seems to have less separating her from the pack than the other girls, but it’s still early. Even though her runway look lacked a concept, I’m positive this Texan queen can still surprise.

10. Eureka

The returning queen from Season 9 is shouldering somehigh expectations. Until she truly wows the judges and outshines her fellow queens, it’ll be hard to rank her too high.

11.Dusty Ray Bottoms


Dusty probably shouldn’t be this low, but she was read the hardest by the judges, specifically Michelle Visage. Expect her to occupy a higher spot on this list next week. (Then again, given this year’s talent quotient, who knows!)

12. Kameron Michaels

Kameron’s looks are coming off pedestrian at every turn. Hopefully Michaels can work out a new aesthetic.

13. Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams

Losing the very first challenge isn’t a great look for your survival in the competition. Karbdashian-Williams could go the route of Kimora Blac, Laila McQueen, and Serena ChaCha (both lip synced on the first and second episodes) and leave next episode, or stick around a little longer like Jiggly Caliente (Season 4) and Kandy Ho (Season 7).

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