‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 10 Episode 2 Power Ranking: Where Do the Queens Stand After the PharmaRusical?

· Updated on May 27, 2018

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It’s the second week of Drag Race and, as expected, there are some changes on INTO’s weekly ranking of where the queens stand! After Eureka’s trip to the bottom two and Vixen’s rise to the top, this episode shook both the audience and the list! Without further ado:

1. The Vixen (Last week: 8)


The Vixen dominatedDrag Race’s second outing.Not only did she win both the mini and maxi challenges, her screen presence was electric. She gave us a new catchphrase “No, too vague!” and an iconic handwritten message, “The Vixen will fight you!”

2. Mayhem Miller (Last week: 1)


Other than The Vixen, Mayhem is the only other queen to win a maxi challenge. That, and her place in the winning group, means she’s still aDrag Race force.

3. Monet X Change (Last week: 2)


Monet has one mini challenge win to her credit and also placed in the top group this week. Last week’s soap suds look is in the rearview mirror and her runway look this week, in a ruby red dress and short hair, snatched every last wig inAmerica.

4. Miz Cracker (Last week: 3)


Though it’s only been two episodes, it’s safe to say that MizCracker may be the queen who best understands her brand. And, in a show that’s all about branding, that will take her far. She’s yet to triumph in a challenge, but expect that to change soon.

5. Blair St. Clair (Last week: 5)


Though she won’t win a dance competition any time soon, Blair’s Very Best Drag look was a stunner. And during the mini challenge, she was the only contestant who took a Southern debutante look that contrasted to everyone else’s boots and checker patterns.

6. Asia O’Hara (Last week: 9)


Asia simply stunned all around this episode, and the judges were correct to praise her for it. While she may have landed in the bottom group, her performance,runway look and mini challenge win are enough to see her go up 3 spots this week to the top half of the remaining competitors.

7. Dusty Ray Bottoms (Last week: 11)


As predicted, Dusty Ray bounced back after a bad first week in which Michelle Visage read her for her dot-centric makeup style. The judges were living for her musical performance and her Beetlejuice couture.

8. Yuhua Hamasaki (Last week: 4)


Somewhat bafflingly, Yuhua received praise last week for her caution tape flowy number. This week, however, she gave good energy in the challenge but the judges reserved some of their harshest critiques for her basic blue bodysuit.

9. Aquaria (Last week: 7)


Aquaria was safe last week and in the bottom this week. She may have gotten some good critiques this week for her runway look, but the judges knocked her challenge performance. We’re still early in the competition, but we’re getting antsy to see her talent level meet the level of conversation she engenders in the fandom.

10. Kameron Michaels (Last week: 12)


Kameron may have been in the winning group, but we’ve yet to hear her get a positive word from the judges. Yes, that’s partly due to the fact that the winning group leaves the stage before critiques begin, but until we hear some praise for this queen, her lackluster looks land this season’s muscle queen toward the bottom.

11. Monique Heart (Last week: 6)


Monique’s trip to the bottom 3 this week puts her on some unsure footing. Last week, she seemed so upset that she did not make the top 3, many expected her to come back and slay the game, but instead she faltered.

12. Eureka (Last week: 10)


Last week, I stressed that Eureka would have to work twice as hard to stand out because of her status as a returning queen. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this week and Eureka’s confidence took a major hit as her injury caught up with her. Hopefully, her time in the bottom two is the push she needs to give us more.

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