Russell Elliot’s ‘I’ll Be Damned’ Demands Closure After An Abrupt Heartbreak

· Updated on May 28, 2018

In his own words, Russell Elliot‘s forthcoming EP is “queer as hell.”

The Brooklyn-based R singer promises Split Ends, his sophomore release due next month, will focus on some of the same themes as his first. (“Me, straight men–it’s disaster,” he jokes.)

His new track, “I’ll Be Damned,” gives listeners a taste of what’s to come, and the music video, premiering exclusively on INTO, helps to express the stark emotions Eliot was going through when he wrote the song.

“‘I’ll Be Damned’ ends abruptly on purpose,” Eliot says of both the song and the video. “I hope you felt a little unsatisfied and surprised at the end. That’s how I felt when this relationship ended out of nowhere.”

Not having closure, Elliot says, inspired what he thinks is one of his strongest vocal performances to date.

“I ended up channeling that simmering demand for answers,” he says. “I remember taking a moment after recording that bridge: ‘Okay, damn–we felt something, huh?’ Listening back, I’m drawn to the strength in the vocals over the hurt of the memories. That feels like growth to me.”

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