Ryan Murphy Discusses Donatella Versace’s Opinion of ‘ACS’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Tonight is the culmination of one of Ryan Murphy’s greatest creations. This season of American Crime Story has explored the high fashion Greek tragedy that was the assassination of Gianni Versace. With an epic cast, the show delves into the aftermath and the murderous rampage that led to Versace’s death.

Ahead of tonight’s finale, Murphy spoke with E! News about the cast and the real people that inspired them. And after Ricky Martin’s breakout performance as Versace’s lover, Antonio D’Amico, it appears the TV mogul has found a new muse.

“I want to give Ricky [Martin] his own show,” he said. “He and I have been talking about that, so we are working on that. I feel the same way about Ricky as I did Sarah Paulson when I gave her Marcia Clarkwhich is, I knew Sarah was capable of anything. Ricky is, too. I knew that, given the opportunity, he could really surprise people.”

In addition to Martin, Murphy praised the rest of the cast for making this story come to life. In particular, it was Darren Criss’s performance as Versace’s killer, Andrew Cunanan, that Murphy knew would be a hit from the beginning. “The stars aligned and I was proud of him.”


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And given the Versace family’s disapproval of the show, not everyone can be a fan. But Murphy has remained committed to the story, regardless of their opinions.

“But I also think what [Donatella Versace] did to Antonio was really sh–ty, and so, I really don’t care what she thinks, other than we were really truthful to Maureen’s book and we did our own reporting,” he said. “But I also really admire [Donatella], because I think what she did was impossible. Her brother was gunned down, he was the love of her life, other than her children, and he was taken from her. And she was faced with an insurmountable position and she kept that business going in the face of great odds and she really accomplished something. And I think that Penelope [Cruz] portrayed her as such. I don’t know. I can never think about that because that would cloud how we created the work and I was just trying to find the truth.”

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