Sacha Baron Cohen Got Joe Arpaio to Say He’d Get a BJ From Trump and I’m Tired

By now, you’ve probably seen that deep character actor Sacha Baron Cohen is starring in a new Showtime series lampooning conservative Americans. The series, Who Is America?, has already birthed a bunch of viral clips, like the one where gun enthusiasts call for armed kindergarteners.

The show even has real-world consequences: Georgia politician Jason Spencer resigned after he used the n-word on the program while slurring Middle Eastern people.

But, in the show’s latest episode, rather than lampooning a famous conservative for their beliefs, Cohen goes for the good ol’ homophobic yuks and gets sheriff Joe Arpaio to admit that he’d get an “amazing” blowjob from Trump.

“If Donald Trump calls you up after this and says, ‘Sheriff Joe, I want to offer you an amazing blowjob,’ would you say yes?” Cohen asked Arpaio, while dressed as a Finnish YouTube star. The Arizona sheriff is infamous for ignoring a court order to stop racial profiling during arrests. He also treated inmates with cruelty and condescension, forcing them into tents during triple-digit heat and forcing them to wear pink underwear.

According to the Daily Beast, Arpaio claims he “felt uncomfortable” with the words Baron Cohen used.

“I am not the type of guy who gets up and walks out. I never walked out in thousands of interviews. I just take it. I was kind of shocked,” he said. “But I figured this is Finland and this is a famous comedian.”

Arpaio’s Senate campaign put out a statement claiming Arpaio did not fully understand what Baron Cohen was saying in his Finnish accent.

But rather than taking Arpaio to task, or I don’t know, anything substantive, Cohen asked Arpaio whether he’d engage in oral sex with the leader of the free world.

Yawn. We get it. People like Arpaio and Putin love Trump. But we’ve been over this before. In July, the New York Times published a homophobic cartoon depicting Trump as a love-sick ingenue vying for Putin’s affections.

Is there no other way to make fun of loyalty to Trump than by bringing it back to homosexuality?

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