Sam Smith Blames His Oscars Flub On The Alcohol

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Remember that time when Sam Smith claimed to be the first openly gay man to ever win an Oscar, despite the fact that at least seven other openly gay men had taken home the award in the decades prior? Of course you do! Gay Twitter never forgets!

Well, the singer has addressed the gaffe head-on.

Sam, the first openly gay man to ever explain why he incorrectly claimed to be the first openly gay man to ever win an Oscar, sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her eponymous daytime talk show this past Tuesday to discuss the flub, blaming it on tequila and a brainfartcoincidentally the name of my new queercore side project (we’re terrible).

“It started with a hip flask,” he said. “I wasn’t happy with my performance, and we thought we had no chance of winning at all. So, I was like, ‘Let’s get this party started! Let’s just have some fun!’ Having a little hip flask, having some tequilas. And then we won.”

Sam went on to say that his “FIRST!!!” comment of an Academy Awards acceptance speech wasn’t exactly what he meant to say.

“I mucked up my speech,” he said. “I basically said I was the first gay person to ever win an Oscar. I obviously know that I’m not, but my brain and mouth didn’t work together.”

Still doesn’t explain why he didn’t just go up there and thank everyone who helped make “The Writing’s on the Wall” happen, but OK!

I feel very Natasha on cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model about the whole thing at this point. I mean, it’s been two years! I’ve got bigger things to worry about, like whatever happened to the original six-second clip of Ariana Grande saying “Vegas, lemme hear y’all make some noise!” where it sounds like she’s saying “Faggots, lemme hear y’all make some noise!” It’s gone. All I can find are the full concert it was clipped from and some shitty edit that I am absolutely not a fan of.

But I am just a Heterosexual Woman. Who am I to say whether this is still a big deal or not? So, I asked the gays on Twitter if they’re willing to forgive and forget Sam’s error at the 2016 Academy Awards, and according to my extremely scientific polling methods theywould like to do neither.

Sam’s sophomore album, The Thrill of It Allthe first album to be released by the first openly gay man to explain why he claimed to be the first openly gay man during an October 2017 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Showdrops Nov. 3.

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