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Sasha Velour is Officially a Meme

Sasha Velour stunned the crowds at the Season 10 finale when she revealed her reigning queen look. Velour strutted down the runway giving us Alien eleganza extravaganza.

But Velour’s look is not the only thing that’s been talked about since the finale. In a behind the scenes video with Velour working with photographer Tanner Abel, there is a shot of the Season 9 winner drinking an iced coffee and side-eyeing the camera.

This moment became an instant meme on Twitter, because what queer person doesn’t identify with the visual of a drag performer sipping iced coffee through a straw while dressed like a glamour alien?

Even Sasha Velour and Johnny Velour, Sasha’s partner and Managing Director of the House of Velour, reacted and tweeted the meme.

Now that she’s been able to pass on the torch to Season 10 winner, Aquaria, Velour will be able to focus on her many, many projects like Nightgowns, her monthly drag variety show in Brooklyn, her drag magazine Velour, and her series of short films, One Dollar Drags, which will continue to come out throughout 2018.

Ryan Khosravi

Ryan Khosravi is a culture writer based out of New York, and his thing in the world is beating unsuspecting straight men at Super Smash Bros.


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