Season 2 of Rare Lesbian-Focused TV Series ‘Take My Wife’ Is Now Available on iTunes

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Last August, NBC folded Seeso, their digital video and content site, bringing a lot of their forthcoming series to a halt. Season 2 of Take My Wife, the slice-of-life comedy series from wives Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, was suddenly homeless, despite having been already shot and edited and with queer people having been involved on and off camera. Fans rallied in response, looking to raise the profile of the show in order to find Season 2 a new home.

In some fantastic news today, Esposito and Butcher shared that both Seasons 1 and 2 are now available on iTunes, and also coming to the Starz app on May 1.

“We are stoked as hell that fans of the show will get to see Season 2,” Esposito tells INTO. “And we hope that the iTunes drop and Starz deal will provide continue the push for diversity in television.”

“I’m just really excited that people get to see it,” Butcher says. “A lot of awesome people worked really hard on this show and I’m glad their hard work gets to be seen.”

Season 1 of Take My Wife was well-received by critics, but also served as one of few series that focused on gay women. Outside of stars Esposito and Butcher, Season 2 guest stars include LGBTQ actors/public figures like Clea Duvall, Jen Richards, Solomon Georgio, and Tegan and Sara.

“As a small budget show, we prioritized hiring queer folks, POC and female standups,” Esposito says. “If we can do it, shows with more financial support certainly can!”

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