Shawn Mendes Said He Would Buy Bieber’s Underwear and I Need Him to Stop

Shawn Mendes was on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on Monday. During the segment, Corden brings up that Justin Bieber never washes his underwear and instead just wears a new pair every day.

Corden then jokes that Bieber sells his old ones online to which Mendes replies, “I’d buy them.”

Ten gay angels got their wings.

I showed the guy I’m dating the video clip and he responded, “Wait, is he deeply closeted or toying with us?” The million dollar question. While I don’t know if he’s deeply closeted — and despite what gay twitter says, they don’t know it either — I do think he’s toying with us. It seems to me that whether he actually likes men or not is irrelevant at this point, because he know he can cash way more in on intrigue than his actual identity.

In the K-pop industry, a lot of artist contracts will include clauses that ban the artist from dating. This is because the entertainment companies know that the artists will be the subject of fantasy from the audience and they want to cash in on that fantasy.

I think Shawn Mendes is intentionally doing something similar with his sexuality. First, you could throw something out a window and likely hit a tweet speculating his sexuality. They’re everywhere. I literally saw tweets about him being gay maybe a full year before I knew he made music. And we know for a fact he’s seen the arsenal of thirst tweets about him because in a BuzzFeed video titled, “Shawn Mendes Reads Thirst Tweets,” he mentions how often he sees tweets of people asking him to choke them.

With that in mind, it’s hard to imagine that Mendes didn’t at least consider a fan reaction when he had this conversation. After Mendes jokes that he would buy Bieber’s underwear, the two banter about how they’d need to know what he did in them to make sure it was worth the purchase.

“I don’t want it to be a pair of underpants that he just wore on a Tuesday,” Corden said. “I want it to be the pair of underwear he recorded ‘Love Yourself’ wearing.”

“Yeah or the pair of underpants he played hockey in,” Mendes quickly responds.

Corden gives a genuinely straight response, desiring a sentimentally valuable pair of undies, whereas Mendes goes full pup play. If someone is genuinely struggling with their sexuality, I can not imagine they would engage with that question in that way. Closeted gay men are afraid to be caught looking at a man for too long, let alone commenting on wanting to purchase someone’s boxers.

There are two possible options for this: Mendes is actually into men and he just has’t come out or he isn’t into men at all. Either way, it seems clear to me that he knows he can gain way more popularity from the intrigue of his sexuality. Giving people a taste of his potential sexuality fuels memes and tweets, it keeps him in the conversation. I fully don’t believe that his sexual identity is anyone’s business but his own, but if he is going to take advantage of that mystery and the fantasy of his gay audience, we have a bigger problem.

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