‘The Kiki’ Season Finale Questions: Should RuPaul Keep Hosting ‘Drag Race’?

“Does RuPaul’s Drag Race need RuPaul?”

It’s a question that pops up every time RuPaul gets into any kind of hot water, be it fighting with The Vixen on the most recent reunion, or when Pearl’s comments about Ru’s “Nothing you say matters unless those cameras are rolling” directive went viral. Most prominently, the question came up after Ru said he’d not allow transitioning queens onto Drag Race in his infamous interview with The Guardian.

Yet through all of this, 10 years later, RuPaul is still queen of her empire. That doesn’t stop people from still questioning what a potential future Drag Race without RuPaul looks like, though.

In the season finale episode of The Kiki, hosts Kevin O’Keeffe and Mathew Rodriguez break down the arguments both for and against RuPaul staying the host of Drag Race, and evaluate potential other hosts should Mother ever choose to step down. (Shangela’s Drag Race, anyone?)

Watch the full season finale episode below. To keep up with The Kiki off-season, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook.

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