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Some Straight Philadelphia Eagles Fans Entered An Eagle Bar Thinking It Was For Eagles Fans

Some Eagles fans in Minneapolis may not have had proper attire for their post-game frolic into a gay leather bar.

According to SB Nation, some Philadelphia Eagles fans in Minneapolis were celebrating when they walked into the local Eagle bar. In many cities New York, Los Angeles and more the Eagle is a gay bar, usually with a leather-enthusiast slant. But, some Minnesota-based Eagles fans walked into an Eagle thinking it was for fans of the Philadelphia football team.

One fan told Minneapolis Star-Tribune writer Eric Roper, “We were just walking around as we were looking for a bar. I said we’re stopping there, it says Eagle.”

Alright well, come through, Eagle!


Mathew Rodriguez

Mathew is a staff writer at INTO. His work has appeared in Mic, Slate and Complex. He loves "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Flannery O'Connor and female rappers and is working on a memoir.