Oh No

Something About This Amy Winehouse Biopic Isn’t Sitting Right With People

Will the biopic industrial complex ever cease? We’ve barely recovered from the sh*tstorm that was Blonde and already the might biopic Gods are trying us.

What am I talking about? The upcoming Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Black, directed by legendary hottie Sam Taylor-Johnson and starring “Industry” star Marisa Abela.

Now listen: this biopic, it could be good, it could be bad. But so far, we’re not feeling entirely confident about it.

We’re not happy that you would do this to our mother.

Now while Abela is an excellent and entirely capable actress, there’s something unsettling about these images. Maybe it’s the fact that we already know exactly what this movie is going to be: a story about a wounded Amy Winehouse fighting against an evil father (a la Britney) and a loser boyfriend. There’s going to be a DRAMATIC denouement, and probably a very exploitative, overly-romanticized overdose scene.

Basically, we can do without it.

The cast might be good, but the movie…oof.

In a word: let her rest.

Nobody needed it, nobody asked for it.

But will we be seeing it in theaters? I mean…yeah probably.

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