SOPHIE Announces Release Date For Debut Album

English music producer SOPHIE announced the release of her debut, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’s UN-INSIDES, and it’s June 15th. A lot of fans have been eagerly waiting for this big announcement as SOPHIE has already graced us with three singles from the upcoming album.

As a producer/songwriter, SOPHIE has worked with rapper Le1f and was partially responsible for Charli XCX’s new sound on her Vroom Vroom EP.  In October 2017, SOPHIE showed her face for the first time in her music video for “It’s Okay to Cry.” In an interview with Teen Vogue, SOPHIE talked about how she didn’t like the phrase “coming out,” but this video did serve as the first time her audience knew that she was trans.

Since then, SOPHIE has released two other singles including “Faceshopping” and “Ponyboy.” All three of her singles will be on the upcoming album, just a few weeks away.

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