South Asian R&B Singer Raveena Shows Queer Relationships in New Video, ‘Honey’

· Updated on May 29, 2018

If you haven’t heard of Raveena, now is the chance to make up for lost time. The Indian-American singer has just released a new video for her track “Honey” that shows off a bunch of beautiful diverse couples. (Seriously, everyone in this video is gorgeous.)

Raveena herself looks stunning in the video. She’s laying down wearing a white dress while her long dark hair is spread out and covered in sunflowers. Her alluring vocals sing lyrics like, “Your milk and honey I drink, I drink before bed,” as the video cuts between close-up shots of the all POC cast.

In a statement for the video, Raveena says that her intention for the video was to take visual identities that are either not seen as sexual or hyper-sexualized and portray them in a sensual and beautiful light. This includes an East Asian man, South Asian folks, Black folks and a Sikh man who is way too handsome for his own good.

“For the video, I wanted to portray natural yet magical moments of intimacy between real life couples,” Raveena said. “Specifically, I tried to have the cast represent people growing up, so it was important to me to have that be a big part of the video.”

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