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This Steamy Twitter Thread is Sparking Conversation Among the Gays

Male villains: we love them. They’re sexy, campy, catty, and they often have great hair. How to choose a favorite?

Luckily, thanks to the magic of Twitter, we don’t have to. When user @teachbonnets posed a question for the culture the other day, nearly everyone had something to say about it, resulting in a thread of blood-drenched hot dudes to guiltily salivate over.

They asked, and the answer came not only from inside the house, but from outside the house, on top of the house, down the corner and across the street.

Let’s be honest, we love a fictional murder boyfriend. We just do.

10/10 would risk my life to be in the same room with this twink.

We love a murderer who’s just a lil silly.

We can’t forget this icon:

Or the OG, the pinkprint, the one who started it all:

And then there’s this guy:

Any Fresh fans in the house?

Of course we can’t forget Timothy Olyphant:

Or Targareyn bae:

We’re just gonna leave this right here:

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