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Stumped for sapphic shows to watch? This creator’s got you covered

TV, TV everywhere and not a show to watch: or so it can seem after a night spent combing through every app in creation trying to find fresh queer content. Even though we know there are plenty of queer shows on air right now, it’s not always easy to keep track—plus, how do we know a show that boasts LGBTQ+ inclusivity doesn’t just feature a single gay or lesbian side character and call it a day?

It’s been a hard problem to solve—until now. Thanks to sapphic TikToker Aria Velz—also known as The Critical Lesbian on her YouTube channel—finding sapphic shows to enjoy has never been easier.

Last year, Velz started the important project of building out a series of huge spreadsheets detailing every sapphic film and TV show currently available on streaming—and some that aren’t. These lists combined audience favorites with cult classics to ensure that no lesbian anywhere would ever lack representation onscreen. Velz has been consistently updating these spreadsheets, and they’re even sub-categorized by genre, network, and prominence of sapphic characters and storylines.

In Velz’s exhaustive spreadsheet, viewers eager for sapphic plotlines can find options ranging from the Disney Channel comedy Hailey’s On It! to the supernatural adventure anime RWBY, with so much in between. Looking for an underrated comedy about Black women finding romance and crushing career goals in the city? Try Amazon Prime’s Harlem. What about a tongue-in-cheek ghosthunting reality show with a queer bent? Living for the Dead is your match made in heaven. And what if you want to kick back and enjoy an offbeat British cringe comedy with prominent sapphic representation? Such Brave Girls is the move, naturally.

And if you’re more in the mood for a lesbian movie, have no fear: Velz’s WLW film spreadsheet will help you find a sapphic film for every mood. Velz will even create the occasion post about a sapphic play or forgotten WLW film for inspiration.

Basically, what Velz has done is nothing short of a public service, and sapphic streaming fans are eternally grateful.

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