Ten Essential ‘UNHhhh’ Episodes To Celebrate Trixie and Katya’s Return

At RuPaul’s DragCon 2018 in NYC, Drag Race stars Trixie Mattel and Katya announced that UNHhhh, their YouTube series on WOW Presents, would be returning on October 19th, almost a year after it ended its original run. Back then, Trixie and Katya were building so much momentum that they landed their own show, The Trixie and Katya Show, on the nascent Viceland channel, to replace UNHhhh.

After Katya took a mental health break from the Viceland show and drag in general  the show replaced her with Bob the Drag Queen. Though it’s still unclear what happened with their Viceland gig, Katya is back, and so is their YouTube show.

In celebration of UNHhhh’s return, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the fundamental episodes from its first run. If you haven’t seen all of them, these are definitely the ones to watch:

“Jobs Before Drag” — Episode 46

Watching Katya and Trixie look back on the jobs that they had in adulthood before they were drag queens, from tea shops to make up, is hilarious to watch. But, this is also a perfect episode for people to watch because it requires zero knowledge of the queens or Drag Race in general.

“Halloweenie” — Episode 29

All of the holiday episodes, especially both of the Halloween episodes, are classics. Definitely required viewings for Halloween through New Year’s. In this installment, Katya and Trixie talk about how every day is Halloween for drag queens. Trixie also talks about one Halloween where her mom made her a costume out of a white box and said she was dice. Her response: “Thanks for the hookup, Val.” We also get a bit of a recurring joke in the series: Trixie scaring Katya.

“Death” — Episode 58

All right, you probably don’t want to watch a whole episode about the grave. But, watching Trixie and Katya discuss death, the process of dying (and dyeing fabrics), and the afterlife works because the queens’ two very different styles of comedy complement each other. It turns out the two bring out the best jokes in each other when they’re dealing with a really tense subject.  

“Space” — Episode 31

“Space” is where you can see the show’s iconic style starting to take shape. In addition to the running joke of Contact references, this episode also has the video editors going all out with the scenes and visuals that really showcase that they are the third necessary ingredient after the two headlining queens.

“Dating” — Episode 4

When people talk about UNHhhh, they often mention a lot of the later episodes because the show’s editing is really integral to the whole aesthetic. However, a lot of the earlier episodes are really solid and contain some of the most memorable jokes. The moment that always gets me is when Katya mentions that it’s been a long time since she’s been on a date and Trixie replies, “Yeah, when did your dad die?” Plus, it’s nice to see the roots of why this show is so successful and unique: Their chemistry is unmatched.

“Drinking” — Episode 62

Between their personal experiences and their nightlife jobs as drag performers, Trixie and Katya have a lot to say about alcohol. This episode is close to the end, right before they transitioned to Viceland, so they’ve definitely gotten in the groove. The two make each other laugh a lot and one of the most iconic parts of this episode is when Trixie accidentally says “Whose birthdays are it?” Kills me every time.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race #LipDub” — Episode 48

While Trixie and Katya garnered a lot of their success off the set of Drag Race, it is equally entertaining watching them look back at the show and make their own jokes. In this episode, the queens did redubbing of iconic scenes from the show and joked about some of their bitter loss experiences. “In today’s challenge, we’re going to catfish your boyfriend from freshman year of college.” If you’re a big fan of Drag Race and somehow haven’t seen this extracurricular video, you need to.

“Worst Hookup” — Episode 7

Rather than focusing on a single topic, Trixie spends the whole episode telling Katya about one of her worst hookup experiences. Everything else aside, you can really get a sense of their friendship and it’s cute.

“PornOh Honey” — Episode 49

Another common fan favorite! In this episode, the queens talk about their porn habits and also imitate a female porn star orgasm, which is iconic. Let’s face it, Katya and Trixie are at their best when they’re depraved, Linda.

“Hollywood” — Episode 35

In general, this episode has it all and is a good accumulation of everything that makes UNHhhh wonderful. It has solid banter over a random topic, a good running joke, and perfect editing.

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