Terra Naomi Debuts ‘Nothing To Hide’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

On “Nothing to Hide,” queer artist Terra Naomi is taking responsibility.

“The song is basically about taking responsibility for a failed relationship,” Naomi tells INTO. “It starts out in a place of sadness or regret, and moves into acceptance. I like the journey of the song’I’ve got nothing to lose and nothing to hide.’ It’s basically saying ‘However we thought this was supposed to go, well, it didn’t, and that’s not the way I wanted it, but it’s the way it is, and I choose to accept it.'”

“It’s not a passive, rejected kind of acceptance,” she continues, “but a powerful ‘Yeah, I know I’m fucked up, and I’m okay with that’ kind of vibe.”

The vulnerable and relatable track is accompanied by a video shot by Jeff Shipman. Isolated in a barren barn in the middle of the woods, Naomi is shot in stark black-and-white as she sings a bittersweet serenade to a newly released lover.

“I wanted it to be sparse and raw, beautiful and dark,” Naomi said. “I knew he’d get it.”

Shipman says he sees the video as “a visual landscape that reflects the broken world of the song, where the past has fallen apart and decayed, making way for the possibility for something new.”

“I think that sums up the song really well, too,” Naomi says. “It’s that empty, hope-tinged space that remains after illusion shatters, before whatever comes next.”

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