The Demisexual Pride Flag 

The demisexual flag is a nod to the asexual flag, aiming to be more specific to the demisexual community. They have the same color palette but have different shapes, this symbolizes that demisexuality falls under the asexual tree. It is unknown who exactly designed the flag, but it was created in 2010 and has represented the demisexual community ever since. 

What do the colors of the demisexual flag stand for?

In order from top to bottom this is what each stripe stands for: 

  • Black: Represents asexuality. 
  • White: Represents allosexuality.
  • Gray: Represents the gray asexual people in the asexual spectrum
  • Purple: Represents community, a nod to the asexual umbrella.

Alternative version of the demisexual flag

A variety of demisexual individuals will wave the asexual flag as this identity falls under that greater umbrella. Members of the demisexual community might express their place in the community differently. Some might claim being asexual and demisexual, while others prefer to just keep it as demisexual as they feel the more specific nature of demisexuality expresses their identity better. 

With that being said the demisexual flag is sometimes used in tandem with the asexual flag depending on that person’s way of expressing themselves. 

Asexual Flag

Before the wider adoption of the demisexual flag, a lot of demisexual individuals identified with the asexual flag. 

The asexual pride flag was created by the Asexual visibility and education network (AVEN) user standup in 2010. On the message boards, there was a month-long three-stage poll competition in order to find the perfect ace flag. The standup flag was the flag chosen to represent the asexual community. 

The colors symbolize as follows:

  • Purple: Represents community. 
  • White: Those who are non-asexual allies and partners.
  • Gray: Represents gray-asexuality and demisexuality. 
  • Black: Representative of asexuality and non-attraction to others. 

Want to learn more about being demisexual?

Being Demisexual refers to someone who does not experience primary sexual attraction. This means you only experience sexual attraction after forming a close knit emotional relationship first. This sexuality explores the idea of ditching the first impression notion or being attracted solely based on physical appearance. 

Demisexuality is founded on the idea that a strong emotional connection is more important than what you first notice about a person. You might be demisexual if you identify with this idea and find yourself needing a close bond in order to develop sexual attraction. If you want to learn more click here (link to what it means to be demisexual). 

Closing thoughts

Waving a flag is a timeless form of showing pride. The demisexual flag not only represents the community as a whole, but it is also a physical reminder of our fight for acceptance and equality. 

This is not only important for community members who want to feel unified, but also for visibility purposes. The colors and symbols on a flag show the world what it means to be a part of that community and give everyone a chance to show their pride. 
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