The gays are asking: what’s the sluttiest outfit a man can wear?

It’s a question as old as time itself: what’s the hottest possible thing a man can wear, short of his birthday suit?

That’s the query the gays were pondering this week over on Reddit, after one Redditor initially posed the question. If clothes make the man, exactly what kind of clothes—and how many articles of clothing—make the man sexy?

The answers ranged from “tight sweatpants while going commando” to “a smile,” but a few of the commenters got even deeper into the conversation, pointing out the thinking behind different types of slutty outfits.

“In my opinion, “slutty” attire is all about ease of access,” wrote one Redditor. “You want to broadcast that while you technically are clothed, that’s merely a formality when it comes to getting at your sexy bits.”

Others agreed, pointing out the essential sexiness of a man wearing overalls and aprons with nothing underneath or even walking around the house in a jockstrap. And would you know it, the humble union suit even got a shoutout!

Another poster was partial to club wear. “Mesh shirt,” he wrote. “Idk why but mesh clothes and fishnets make me hard as a rock!” Another praised the horniness of certain headwear, asking “why does the backwards ball cap do what it does? It’s so hot.”

Fans of Luke from “Gilmore Girls,” we see you.

But there was one comment that really rose to the occasion. The specificity, the visuals, the flair for detail: it simply takes the cake.

“The shaving cream/whipped cream bikini ensemble from Not Another Teen Movie that Chris Evans wears,” they wrote.

We absolutely can’t argue with that, and we shan’t even attempt to try!

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