The Vixen Tackles American Racism on Her Own Rap Verse to RuPaul’s ‘American’

· Updated on August 13, 2018

Nicki Minaj is not the only queen to drop bars today.

On Friday afternoon, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 contestant The Vixen released her own verse to RuPaul’s song “American,” which was the song each of the top four had to write their own verse to in the final challenge.

The fire verse addresses American racism, a subject The Vixen has been talking about heavily ever since her highly influential run on the drag competition show.

Here are the lyrics below:

I’ve been protesting since the seventh grade
Cause financial aid ain’t ever paid
They build prisons just to set us straight
But ain’t got the funds to come educate
It was a godsend way back then
I learn social studies from a black man
Who was proud to tell me my history
Was more than what this country done did to me
So fuck slave ships and assassinations
We invented shit let’s get black to greatness
This woke shit be exasperating
And y’all shrug it off like I’m exaggerating
Fuck you expect from all this neglect
When the day you’re born you treated as a threat
And taught to live with the disrespect
Like getting first place and treated second-best
They move the finish line and say we overstep
And y’all still don’t get it yet
They poke at us call it a test 
Bitch go have your cigarette.

In The Vixen’s verse, she references her infamous fight with Eureka as well as the phrase “poke the bear,” which people often used to describe her multiple fights on the show.

The Vixen told INTO in an exclusive interview that people who used the phrase “poking the bear” were “trying to follow the narrative that I’m this uncontrollable angry person.” Clearly, with this verse, she’s flipping the script on how people use it.

Anyway, we love our new rap queen!

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