The Women of Litchfield Head to Max in New ‘Orange is the New Black’ Trailer

“Good morning Litchfield Max, and greetings to our new cookies,” quips a tantalizing voice as familiar faces return to orange uniforms and miserably start their new lives as max prisoners. The brand-new trailer for Season Six of Orange is the New Black dropped Monday morning, and depicts that familiar feeling of melancholia we’ve come to associate with the ladies of Litchfield.

“This isn’t home. This is not home,” Suzanne frets as she is escorted into her new cell. Last season, our favorite prisoners staged a coup, resulting in a prison riot that lasted throughout the course of season five. By the end of the season, the leading ladies found themselves in a standoff with riot police, after the uprising came to a devastating close. By the looks of the new trailer—the first real glimpse into the storylines of season six—the upcoming season will track each character as they navigate the horrors of cohabitating with new women—scarier women.

In the two-minute clip, the women are faced with a variety of new struggles—from Lorna’s new roomie who “does four poops a day,” to what appears to be a long-running color war between “blues and khakis.” The already tortured and fraught women of Litchfield are now forced to grapple with an even less sturdy or stable existence, now that they’ve been torn from the comfort—if you could even call it that—of their previous home, and their complex relationships with each other. “Navigating adult female friendships is so complicated,” Suzanne aptly cries.

A team of investigators seemingly tries to turn the women against each other in getting to the roots of the prison riot, and while Red has faith in her accomplices’ loyalties, it’s difficult when they’re all apart. And one of the largest questions looming above them all, or maybe just over Piper, is—where is Alex?—who is nowhere in sight in the trailer.

So far, there’s much to be left to the imagination—but I did catch a glimpse of Daya looking longingly at a brand-new prison butch. So as always with Orange is the New Black, I’m looking forward to the gay shit.

Orange is the New Black returns July 27 on Netflix.

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