These Arty Halloween Pins Mash Up Monsters and Gay Erotica

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Canadian artist Stephen McDermott (@stephendraw) is bringing sexy back. From the dead.

McDermott has built a solid following with his homoerotic illustrations and pins, and his latest creation a Halloween collection featuring 5 original monster hunks has us in the mood for a graveyard smash.

Check out the designs and our interview below.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do?

I’m an illustrator/designer often playing with the male form. I’ve been illustrating for some time, since the end of high school, only getting better with my undergrad in commercial illustration. I have been working since I graduated in 2015, and making pins for about a year. My first pin “Damn Daniel” came out last October I believe.

How did your Halloween collection come about?

This October I wanted to design something spooky that incorporated my illustration and graphic design work, which my solo pins rarely have. This lead me to collaborate and release the project side by side with @shopstrangeways / The pins are heavily influenced by 90’s McDonalds Halloween toys, costumes, candy bags, and everything that went along with the Halloween spirit.

I love monster movies and horror films in general, so it only made sense to dig my claws into this somewhat specific genre and give it a little bit of flair for my LGBT focus. It features five illustrations (including NSFW versions) with two tee designs per monster and some great mystery packaging for the theme of trick or treats.

You don’t know which pin you’ll get — whether it be one of the four main monsters or the mystery monster, which has yet to be revealed. But you’re guaranteed a sexy glow-in-the-dark halloween pin either way. There might also be a print on the way for some diehard monster fans.

Where can people get it?

People can grab my monster pins either at or But if you’re more interested in apparel, check out

Tell us more about the illustrations themselves how did you conceptualize them all?

I conceptualized these monsters the way I conceptualize any character or illustration I do: by making them sexy. I tried to create them in a sex-positive, appealing way, since monsters are inherently dangerous or scary.

I focused on 5 monsters:

The Frankenstein monster, who I named Frankenweiner. He was an easy cover boy I was playing with the visual parts of several men, and I compiled the best parts to bring him to life. He sort of turned into an electric blonde, muscled go-go dancer with a huge package.

A poltergeist, who I named Phangasm. His design has a balls and chains motif, keeping him bound to this earth on unfinished business.

The wolfman, who I named Werewoof. He is currently top fave among the monsters. He’s a furry wolf who transforms on full moons! Probably one of the most dominant monster men.

The mummy, who I named Tutan Tied Up. His design is based around bondage and rope play, since he’s spent so long in a sarcophagus!

The last monster is a mystery and you’ll have to wait for him to be revealed!

Are you a big halloween nut?

I am, although I’m never prepared with a costume. I prefer the monster movies and horror films to wearing a costume of something unrelated to Halloween.

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