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These sultry photos of Victoria Pedretti are sparking some very gay theories

Here in the queer community, it doesn’t take much to get us riled up. An old photo of Kristen Stewart outside of a Texas Hooters, some promo images for an old Bernadette Peters show, a single clip of Patti LuPone in “Anything Goes,”…what can I say, we’re an excitable bunch!

But today’s event truly takes the cake. It’s the most motherific of them all. That’s correct: Mike Flanagan favorite Victoria Pedretti was spotted wearing…a suit.

And not just any suit…a suit with suspenders and a tie. When I say this is big, believe me.

Pedretti gagged us as the misleadingly-named Love in the creepy Penn Badgely-starring Netflix series You and as gone on to become a key figure in the Flanagan-verse, first by playing the doomed Nell Crain in 2018’s The Haunting of Hill House and returning in 2020 to play the tortured queer au pair Dani in 2020’s The Haunting of Bly Manor.

As for Pedretti’s own sexuality, it’s a bit uncertain. She’s explained that she identifies as bisexual in a since-deleted Instagram post, and in a 2020 Harper’s Bazaar video interview, she talked about having crushes on both men and women growing up.

As we know in this community, you don’t have to come out to be a gay icon, and you certainly don’t have to be queer to be Mother. Which Pedretti, in these photos, absolutely is. Posing at the recent premiere of the Jeremy Strong-starring Ibsen revival “An Enemy of the People,” Pedretti looked absolutely in her element, and the sapphics sat up and took full notice.

Honestly…yes. Satanism sounds pretty good right about now.

As soon as the Internet caught wind of this look, the boygenius jokes started flying.

We’ll go anywhere with you, Victoria!

Whatever inspired this look, be it Satanism or a lesbian awakening (equally wonderful things imo) we’re loving it.

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