This Lady Gaga Wax Figure Is The Dictionary Definition of Homophobia

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Someone call Madame Tussaud to clean up this mess.

A wax figure of Lady Gaga has been making the rounds on social media today after first appearing on a comment thread on uber-fan site Gaga Daily. The wax figure reportedly stands in a wax museum in Lima, Peru.

This, dear readers is the face of homophobia.

Twitter caught on and the reviews are brutal.

Peru’s museum isn’t the only wax figure of Gaga to fall short, as one Twitter user reminded everyone. It’s been hard to find a good lookalike of the iconic singer.

Now, that’s great and Imma let you finish, but let’s not forget that Beyonce had one of the worst wax figures of all time. An extremely white wax figure of Beyonce at the Madame Tussauds in Manhattan caused such a social media uproar that the museum had to adjust the skin tone and lighting on the figure.

Wax sculptors (artists? molders?) we have a request:


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