This Ryan Gosling Interview Is The Only Thing Worth Watching Today

· Updated on May 28, 2018

“Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling ‘Blade Runner’ Interview Goes Off The Rails,” declares The Huffington Post. “Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling lose their chill for a fantastically unhinged interview,” exclaims Vox. Unhinged? Off the rails? What the fuck are they talking about?? This interview is PERFECT.

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford were supposed to talk about their upcoming film together, Blade Runner 2049, during this interview with Alison Hammond for UK talkshow This Morning, per Jezebel. They were supposed to talk about their craft and what it was like to work together and how they got into character and what it means to run from one’s own blades in this the year 2049. The craft. The work. The craftwork. The workcraft. But they all got hit with a massive collective gigglefit and never got to any of the real questions.

Thank god for going “off the rails!” How boring would that interview have been? I’d much rather watch my Hollywood stars splitting airplane bottles of bourbon and roasting each other’s sweaters than Talking About The Work. More of this, please! And more of Alison Hammond!!

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