This Thai Lip Balm Commercial Feature Our New Favorite On-Screen Queer Couple

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Although TV has made huge leaps in terms of queer representation, it still has a long way to go. Move over Darryl and White Josh, step aside Nomi and Amanita, watch your backs Connor and Oliver, there’s a new TV couple in town, and we did not see this one coming. The last place we thought we’d be shipping our favorite gay onscreen couple was a Thai lip balm commercial.

Much more progressive in terms of queer rights and representation than some of its neighboring countries, Thailand has experienced a boom in queer media. BL (boys love) is a popular sub-genre in Thai Media that focuses on gay relationships and homoeroticism. The dramatic new ad from KA Lip Care parodies the popular BL movement with its short and steamy plot.

The ad starts with one boy confronting another over making his sister cry. The young heartbreaker responds to his accuser, saying, “I told her to forget about me. ‘I don’t think of you like that.’ I prefer your elder brother.”

He then applies some of his lip balm to his young admirer’s older brother and the object of his own affection. “Don’t forget to use it regularly, so you’ll know how my lips feel like,” he says over his shoulder to the stunned and apparently infatuated young man.

The commercial ends with a group of teenage Thai girls, watching along and swooning over the intense gay exchange. That pretty much sums up our reactions, as well as other viewers. Many are asking for a sequel to the 30-minute commercial, and some are even requesting a full-length TV series or movie devoted to this blossoming romance. We’d watch!

Watch the commercial for KA Lip Care and its hot same-sex Thai teen romance below:

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