Eat Hot Chip And Lie

This TikToker just discovered a new bi stereotype

The biggest reason we should stop hounding bi people about their sexuality? Because they’ve got much bigger problems.

So says comedian Meredith Dietz, who took to TikTok to spread the important message. She started by pointing out the all-too-real issue of bi erasure. For whatever reason, people don’t see bisexuality as a real sexuality: bisexual women are assumed to be straight, and bisexual men are assumed to be gay.

“It feels like if you are a girl and you say you’re bisexual, people are like, ‘Oh, she’s lying. She actually is only attracted to men.’ And if you’re a man and you say you’re bisexual, people are like, ‘Oh, he’s lying. He’s really only attracted to men,’” Dietz said. “It’s just ridiculous, ‘cause people are like, ‘Oh, if you are bisexual, you are lying and you must be attracted to men, no matter how you swing it.’”

Dismissing people’s identity is inherently harmful, of course — but Dietz says the issue isn’t that bi people don’t lie, but that they’re lying about other things, not their sexuality.

“There are so many other things that bisexual people are lying about that need to be addressed,” she continued. “Name a bisexual who’s ever done their taxes. You know what I’m saying? If you have a bisexual in your life, don’t be questioning their sexuality and who they’re attracted to and its validity — you should be handing them over to the IRS!”

Is there any truth to Dietz’s newly discovered stereotype? According to her comment section, yes, absolutely.

“I just came out as bisexual this year and it’s the first time I forgot to do my taxes,” wrote one commenter.

“I’m bi and I have never done my taxes without a family member forcing me to and walking me through every single step,” admitted another.

“Hey, I do my taxes!” argued a third. “I hate doing them and have a meltdown every time but they get done. Eventually.”

Others genuinely appreciated the first part of Dietz’s argument. “The first half is almost some poignant critical analysis,” wrote one commenter.

“Stop centering the conversation around attraction to men and start talking about how we are actually criminals,” agreed another.

One commenter even pointed out how pansexual people are in a similar boat. “If you’re pan it’s always ‘Ooo, hide your kitchen pans!’” they wrote. “And it’s like, come on, pots are much better anyway smh.”

You heard it here first, folks: Stop invalidating bi people’s identities, and start helping them evade the IRS agents that are no doubt on their tails.

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