Tiffany Haddish’s ‘Drunk History’ Lesson Is A Salve After Her Oscar Snub

· Updated on May 28, 2018

In case you’re still bummed about Tiffany Haddish not getting an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Girls Trip, which wouldn’t have been weird or unprecedented at all despite it being such a comedic role considering the fact that Melissa McCarthy was up for Best Supporting Actress in 2011 for Bridesmaids which was extremely similar to Girls Trip tonally speaking and furthermore I

Sorry. As I was saying: In case you’re still bummed about Tiffany Haddish’s arguable Oscar snub earlier this week, here’s a clip from the latest episode of Drunk History where Haddish shows the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences exactly what they’re missing.

The clip comes from the Comedy Central show’s fifth season premiere on Tuesday nightwhich Deadline says got extremely good ratings, AMPAS!!!! In it, Haddish tells Drunk History host Derek Water the tale of Rose Valland, played by Busy Phillips, an assistant curator who aided in the recovery of a bunch of artwork stolen by the Nazis during World War II.

Sorry if that’s a basic and/or inaccurate summary of Ms. Valland’s life! This is the first I’m hearing about her! Wikipedia tells me Cate Blanchett played Rose Valland in that George Clooney movie I didn’t see called The Monuments Men, but I didn’t see the George Clooney movie called The Monuments Men. Why didn’t I see that movie? It had Cate Blanchett in it!! At least I got to see Drunk History’s retelling of her life starring Busy Phillips, who too, can command the wind, sir. I’ve heard.

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