Toni Braxton Misspelled Every Single Name in Her Aretha Franklin Memorial Post

Grief hits everyone in different ways. For some people, it gets you right in the spell check.

While trying to memorialize Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin on Thursday, iconic singer Toni Braxton inadvertently found herself the subject of a Twitter roasting. She posted a photo of herself with Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Clive Davis, but accidentally forgot to crop out her Google search, which revealed that Braxton was unable to spell anyone’s name in her frantic scramble to honor the queen.

Braxton’s search reads, “Arthrea Franklin, Toni Bracton, Whitney Hoiston, Clivrs Drvis.”

Twitter got to roasting right away.

Thank you, Toni, for that lovely laugh on what has been a heavy day for many.


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