Trans Women Have Something to Say to Victoria’s Secret After the Company’s Anti-Trans Sentiments

Trans women heard the recent comments made by Victoria’s Secret fashion show executive Ed Razek about trans and plus-size models. They have something to say in response — and recreated a Victoria’s Secret campaign to clap back.

Prior to taping the 2018 show in early November, chief marketing officer Ed Razek responded to a Vogue interview question about the company’s position on including trans and plus-size models in their annual marquee fashion show. Razek’s response, which contained offensive and outdated language, revealed models of size and trans experience are not considered part of the “fantasy” Victoria’s Secret is interested in selling.

INTO invited nine trans women to recreate a Victoria’s Secret campaign, and asked them to share how the Victoria’s Secret’s statement affected them, why the fantasy can’t exist without them, and what makes each woman feel strong, sexy, and powerful out in the world.

Trans supermodel Arisce Wanzer offered this: “Recognizing everything that I’ve done for myself, that’s when I feel the most powerful. I worked really hard to be the person I am. I am living my fantasy.”

Watch the video below.

Photos by Alex Schmider

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