Twitter Says The Japanese Goblin Emoji is Actually A Lesbian Sex Toy

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Emojis have long been subject to interpretation by kids, teens, and of course, Twitter. But this isn’t your everyday humdrum butt-peach or eggplant dick. We’ve ascended to emoji dildo statusand it may be historically accurate.

The Twitter user fittingly named Whores of Yore pointed out that the Japanese Goblin mask emoji, the pointy-nosed character added to the emoji library in 2015, is actually an ancient strap-on called the “tengu mask.”

According to the 17th century shunga woodblock painting, one woman would tie the tengu mask around her waist to penetrate another woman, infusing the classic strap-on sex toy with a little freakiness. “Tengu” is actually a demon in Japanese folklorean animalistic beast that’s a sworn enemy of the Buddhist faithwhich, for some reason, only makes me want a tengu dildo more.

Some Twitter users were shocked, joking that they’ll never look at the goblin emoji the same way again. Personally, I’ll be upping my usage of the goblin dildo mask emoji, and it looks like other people feel the same.

Thank you, Whores of Yore, for shining a light on such an important part of world history.

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