Tyra Sanchez Is Banned from DragCon, Responds on Facebook

· Updated on May 27, 2018

Attendees at DragCon, the annual Los Angeles-based celebration of all things drag, can usually expect to see many of the RuPaul’s Drag Race winners and contestants in attendance. However, that will not be the case for Season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez, who has been banned from the competition for a video she posted a few weeks ago threatening violence against Season 4 contestant Phi Phi O’Hara and fellow season 2 queen Tatianna.

Phi Phi O’Hara took the Instagram video and posted it on Twitter.

In the video, Sanchez says, “But when you see Ms. Phi Phi and Ms. Mother Fucking Tati’s ass stretched out on the motherfucking ground, you will know it was me. Yeah, I may not have physically did it, but it will be my doing. Remember that shit, bitch.”

O’Hara tweeted DragCon in the tweet with the video.

Tyra Sanchez responded to her being banned from DragCon on her personal social media accounts on Monday.

In the post, she published an email to Sanchez from DragCon saying that they would let her participate in DragCon if she posted a video apologizing for what she said and denouncing violence in all forms. Sanchez responded that she already apologized and would not apologize again.

“Multiple times I have stated that violence is not the answer and that queens of my upbringing sometimes express ourselves different than most,” Sanchez wrote. “I understand you may not understand this as you have only appropriated our lives, our attitudes and our mannerisms.”

She continued, “You can continue to push your narrative that I’m some angry black queen, but you and I know that is simply untrue. If you want to remove me from DragCon because of some drag queen drama then by all means remove me.”

Season 10 queen The Vixen also spoke about the “angry black queen” narrative on this week’s Untucked, when she talked about the racialized narratives the show’s fandoms often create around its contestants.

Tatianna responded in length to Sanchez on Twitter Tuesday morning.

“She is the least respected or liked winner from any of the fucking seasons and that’s The fucking T,” Tatianna wrote.

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