Tyson Beckford Claps Back at Kim K’s Homophobia With … Homophobia?

Hey, all you defenseless gays! Don’t you love when you have a big, strapping man around to protect you from the homophobes of the world?

Model Tyson Beckford took to Instagram to call out Kim Kardashian on Thursday with a muscular set of selfies that showed his support for LGBTQ people.

“I defend those who can’t defend themselves! I support LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈,even though I’m not Gay. It’s just the Human thing to do,” Beckford wrote.

While Beckford is playing the hero in this scenario, don’t forget the story of what happened. Beckford commented on Kim Kardashian’s body publicly, saying: “Sorry, I don’t care for it personally.” and, “She is not real, doctor fucked up on her right hip.” He followed that up with a green vomit emoji, because vomiting over a woman’s body is super cool!

In response, Kardashian got a little too comfortable and responded, “Sis we all know why you don’t care for it.”

Beckford’s response is basically an updated Joe Dirt reference wrapped in some toxic masculinity bullshit. (For those who haven’t seen Joe Dirt, which is probably a lot of you, Joe Dirt responds to being called queer in the film by pumping his arms and saying, “Is this queer?!”)

Verdict: This is a bad feud.

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