Uma Thurman and Maggie Q Are Ex-Lovers in ‘The Con is On’

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Uma Thurman’s new movie The Con Is Onpromised to be a caustic, criminal rollickwhat we didn’t know is that it’d also be a little gay.

Thurman is no stranger to playing kickass, take-no-prisoners roles, especially as a crime bitchlooking at you, Kill Billbut this film, which hit theaters May 4th, is a tad different. Besides the Pulp Fiction actress, The Con Is On brags a phenomenal cast of women, including Sofia Vergara, Parker Posey, Maggie Q, and Alice Eve. But its Thurman and Maggie Q we have our eyes on, as the two women get a bit handsy in the film.

In the British crime comedy, availablein theaters and Video on Demandnow, Thurman plays the hyper-confident Harriet Fox, a pathological liar and con artist who’s being stalked by her murderous ex-girlfriend, Irina (Maggie Q). While the movie isn’t exactly, uh, good, it might be worth the watch for two steamy girl-on-girl scenes, one of which is a flashback to their relationship: While Harriet rubs cocaine on her gums, Irina goes down on her in what appears to be a steamy threesomeuntil the assassin violently shoves the man on to the floor, only to straddle a naked Harriet and continue grinding on top of her. Soon after, we see the two women in a swanky lounge, rubbing up on each other’s legs through glamorous dresses.

In another scene, Harriet desperately attempts to convince her crazy ex that she’s still hot for her, instead of her current husbandbut only because Irina is holding her at knife-point. Irina grabs Harriet’s face and pulls her in for another steamy kiss.

The movie tracks a somewhat confusing plotor maybe I just wasn’t paying attention because it was boringin which Harriet and her husband mastermind a plan to steal a famous woman’s multi-million dollar jewel.

Speaking on her character Harriet, the 48-year old actress told Vogue, “For a female character, she’s so completely unintimidated; and I’m sorry to say this, but it’s kind of nice to see a female character be so ruthless.” She added, “And not be the nice girl cowering in the corner, but the ruthless, cunning, sharp one. For me, it was a lot of fun to play such a naughty character.”

But Thurman is just as ruthless, cunning, and sharp IRLin February, the actress and mother added her own scathing statement to the #MeToo cause, opening up about the dangerous work environment director Quentin Tarantino cultivated on the set of Kill Bill. However, the blonde powerhouse recently said she’s willing to forgive, but not forget, claiming she would work with Tarantino again.

Uma is a real-life hero, and her bullheadedness is always echoed in her on-screen performances. Upon hearing about Thurman playing queer on-screen, watching The Con Is On felt suddenly extremely urgent. After seeing it, I can’t say it’s as pressing, but might be fun to keep on in the background while cleaning. After all, you can always sit down when the gay happens.

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