Viceland Explores NYC’s Modern Ballroom Scene in ‘My House’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Thirty years after Paris is Burning, the ballroom scene of New York is burning brighter than ever. Not only did it give us iconic queer figures and unforgettable quotes to last a queer lifetime; the iconic documentary immortalized the movement long before RuPaul’s Drag Race paid tribute.

Today, the scene’s young performers continue to be some of the queer community’s most creative members. With performers representing some of the city’s most elite houses, the art form is consistently elevated to new heights. Meanwhile, it remains a cultural enigma to many who only know the saturated Instagram version of gender performance.

Next month, Viceland goes back into the ballroom scene for an in-depth look at how it’s evolved. In My House, Precious Ebony takes us into the scene, laying out the rules, rivalries, and drama with brazen commentary. The show will follow six of the scene’s fiercest voguers: Tati 007, Alex Mugler, Jelani Mizrahi, Lolita Balenciaga, and Relish Milan.

Throughout the season, audiences will get a glimpse into the lives of these voguers and their respective houses. As they prepare to compete, we’ll get to see what the modern ballroom scene entails, while gaining insight to their personal struggles and how it’s shaped their identities.

My House premieres April 25 on Viceland.

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