Watch Omarosa Shed Some Crocodile Tears About Trump’s Tweets on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

In a preview clip of the latest installment of Celebrity Big Brother, former White House staffer and reality TV queen Omarosa Manigault opens up about her time serving Donald Trump.

Through tears, Manigault told Drag Race judge Ross Mathews about her decision to take the position under Trump because she felt like she was serving her country.

“I was haunted by tweets every day,” she said in the clip. “Like, what is he going to tweet next?”

Manigault claims that she tried to be “that person” and stop his Twitter fingers, but that his group of inner lackeys halted her efforts.

“It was like, ‘Keep her away from him, don’t get her access, don’t let her talk to him,’” Manigault-Newman said. “It’s not my circus, not my monkeys, I’d like to say not my problem but I can’t say that because it’s bad.”

The clip ends with Mathews asking Omarosa if the American people should be worried, to which she says we should.

“Don’t say that, because we are worried but I need you to say, ‘No, it’s going to be OK,’” Mathews says.

“It’s going to not be OK, it’s not,” Manigault responds. “It’s so bad.”

Omarosa lost her White House job in December. After her firing, anchor Robin Roberts gave her the “Bye Felicia” heard ‘round the world.

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